Hi! Welcome to Comfortably Raj

What is this blog about?

Comfortably Raj was born as a personal blog page while I was still in college. I needed a platform to get rid of the overloaded junk of thoughts which my brain was incapable of holding. Then I landed myself a job and packed my bags almost every weekend. Slowly, along with my personal articles, I started writing about the unforgettable experiences I had and the inspiring stories that I came across while I was traveling. Now, Comfortably Raj is a more diverse platform where I write about almost anything!

What’s in the name?

The name Comfortably Raj is a tribute to my favorite musical band and to one of their most popular songs. Their discography still inspires me and the name emphasizes on the type of lifestyle that I always dreamt of having. I know what you might me thinking but it’s not entirely about that. So yeah, leave us kids alone!

What’s the purpose?

“Those who tell stories rule the world.”

– Old Saying

This blog grows with the goal of inspiring people by sharing stories and content from various spheres of life. I have decided not to keep this platform exclusive to my experiences but its open to anyone who has a story to tell but finds it difficult to gather the necessary resources.

You get to know about people, places, their lives and lifestyles, inspiring stories of how some of them made it there and what we can learn from them and implement in our own lives. I would also be sharing my own experiences about the lessons that I have learnt in my life and which if only I knew some years back, would have made an noticeable difference!

My Blogs

The call of Lord Omkara

“Abhi darshan nahi hoga aapka, Mandir gate is samay bandh ho jata h…” “You can’t go for darshan now, the temple gates closes at this hour…” the shopkeeper replied in a most unnerving tone that could disconcert any one who came this far to visit the Omkareshwar Temple. “Aap phool dijiye, Bhagwan agar chahenge to …


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What’s the short story?

Hello! I am Joy Raj and back in the month of July, 2020 amidst the ongoing pandemic, I quit what many would call a rewarding job to follow my passion. I was working as a human resource professional and a corporate trainer with one of the leading hotel chains in the country. I won’t say it was easy but it took me days of rigorous contemplation before I finally put my paper.

What pushed me beyond my limits?

They say, “You are what you do outside your 9-5”. Apart from my office work, I was always fascinated by the marvels of traveling and exploration. I have done my share of traveling during my college and office days. But unfortunately, travel is freaking expensive and as a college graduate I could barely afford my living expenses, let alone a ticket to my dream destinations. So I took up a job, started supporting myself and getting to know the monetary challenges of life.

Soaking life near Serenity Beach, Pondicherry

One pivotal point in my life was when I went on a college trip to Europe with my friends. That trip was kind of a revelation in itself. It rekindled the passion that lay comatose all these years and gave me a new purpose in life. It showed me a side of life and possibilities of which I had only dreamt about. While there, I had the opportunity to soak in the immersive European culture. Whatever I read in the Dan Brown books came to life in front of me. It was an awakening, a call of duty and passion that pushed beyond my boundaries.

Where did the inspiration come from?

It had struck me when I lay completely sloshed on the shores of a fishing village in Volendam with two bottles of Amstel Beer and thinking hard what to do with my life? Whether I wanted to be a corporate guy looking for a white collar job or a jovial soul looking to add colors to his life. I was drunk and I chose to add colors to my life. I had made up my mind that I would finish college, work till I have sufficient funds to support my travels and dive deep into the world of traveling. I had to make a life out of it.

Volendam, The Netherlands

Where I have I been?

My travel credentials include several countries and numerous places through out India. I have been to one of the most exotic champagne houses in Reims, paired a Merlot with Brie cheese in Brie. I learnt to make chocolates in Belgium and observed how old fashioned wooden clogs are still hand-crafted in remote parts of Holland. Most of the places that I have visited were during my college and office days. Now I am eagerly waiting to add more countries and locations to my list and share my experiences on how you too could do the same.

Exploring a cheese factory in Brie, France
A Clog factory in Noord Amsterdam

So here I am, trying to immortalize my experiences by slamming my thoughts on the keyboard. It’s quite fun if you ask me because while life happens, we come across a cocktail of memories, emotions, feelings and experiences which we never get to express. Why not live the moment while we are still at it?

“Life is all about creating stories. Stories that you can share with people over a mug of ice cold beer and a platter of fried wings.”

– Most Alcoholics & Me